I love to record images and ideas in my sketchbooks. Each page is important and I really want it to look like a work of art in itself. A messy sketchbook page is not for me, I will usually pattern and texture over errors!

Colours and shapes in the landscape and the natural world are what appeal to me first and foremost, they are what draw me in and inspire me to create something. My studio is a menagerie of Mosaic birds, rabbits, hares, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, moths and more, alongside a multitude of flower Mosaics.

I often use art journaling as a method of paring my ideas and designs down to something visually balanced, using just a few shapes and colours. 

My Mosaic work incorporates beautiful coloured pieces of stained glass and ceramic but also explores the rich diversity of patterns and designs in old crockery that is destined for landfill.  The old china speaks to me of past lives and a vanishing social history, transforming it into a work of art is both compelling and challenging. Sometimes a lovely piece discovered at the charity or tip shop is all I need to be inspired to create.

These are the ideas that inform my Mosaic pieces.  It is a challenge to interpret the colours and shapes into carefully cut pieces of glass and china that join together to form a visual image.  

My style is loose and impressionistic both when I am drawing, art journaling or making Mosaic.